Tuesday, May 31, 2016


WALT: do fractions

I have made a video for the fractions I have been doing, these are the fractions I have been working out on my own and I did NOT us any equitment. 

I give myself a green target.

Buddy mark: wow! Hayley great job! And we'll done on the animation-Marion 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Math Ruler

WALT: how to make a Ruler

You at home is probably saying "I all ready know how to make a Ruler" but do you know ever single little line on it.

Buddy mark: you did great at everything 

I give myself a green target

My questions

TᕼEᔕE ᗩᖇE ᗰY ᑫᑌEᔕTIOᑎᔕ ᗩᗷOᑌT ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑎᗪ I ᗩᗰ GOIᑎG TO ᗪO ᔕOᗰE ᖇEᔕEᗩᖇᑕᕼ ᗩᗷOᑌT TᕼEᔕE ᑫᑌEᔕTIOᑎᔕ.

ᖴEEᗪᗷᗩᑕK: GᖇEᗩT ᒍOᗷ ᕼᗩYᒪEY TᕼEᔕE ᗩᖇE GOOᗪ ᑫᑌEᔕTIOᑎᔕ 
ᖴEEᗪᖴOᖇᗯEᗪ: ᗷᑌT ᔕOᗰE ᑫᑌEᔕTIOᑎᔕ ᗩᖇE KIᑎᗪ Oᖴ TᕼE ᔕᗩᗰE

I GIᐯE ᗰY ᔕEᒪᖴ ᗩ GᖇEEᑎ TᗩᖇGET 💚

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


WALT: make a research about space.

Buddy check: great job Hayley maybe you could do more on the sun. - Marion.

I give myself a green target.

This is my space diagram and I animated it Andy have done some research and used my own knowledge.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Reading task

WALT: reatell

Feedback: great job on the words.
Feedforward: maybe write a little more.

Up in the heavens above, beside the moon there was a wonderful garden filled with pearls that grew into water falls, others grew into plants, but one pearl grew into a mighty dragon. The garden was beautiful and the gods were glad. One of the gods said " let get some spirits to look after the garden" the other gods agreed. The whole garden was filled with spirits swarming around. A spirit called Wu Kang had the job to look after the dragon but he was the lazy spirit so he would lay around all day drinking wine and fall asleep and that's when the dragon would run the off to the sea side to play, Wu Kang would wake up to get the dragon back be for sun set. One day Wu Kang came back from getting the dragon from the sea and saw the other spirits playing chess and he would ask to play " can I play" said Wu Kang " what will you give as  when you lose" the other spirits said. Wu Kang hesitated, " um... I'll give you my dragon it not like I'll lose anyway" said Wu Kang. They played until night, under the bright moon. Wu Kang was drinking lot of wine as he played, he was terrible at chess, and unfortunately he lost. It was hard for him to hand over his dragon but he knew he had to, the gods were disappointed with Wu Kang the gods planted a tree," cut all the branches off this tree and we will forgive you" said the gods." Puff how easy is that" said Wu Kang he cut one branch that fell to the ground but another one grew back stronger and thicker he repeatedly cut the branches off so when ever you look up at the moon you will see a reflection of a man cutting a tree on the moon.