Wednesday, September 23, 2015

thinking outside the box


FEELINGS              FACTS                        SKILLS                  GOALS             
How did I              What have I                 What have I          What do I need 
feel about            leamed about             leamed to DO?       to work on?
my learing             the topic?                                                   what do i need
                               what do                      I am better at            to imorove
                              you know                        the dance
I think my                                                     then before         I think I need to
wearabul art           I just found                      I started.          worked more        
was hard to            out that your                                          on my goat legs 
make so I                 art is not                                                  because they                                  
was frustrated.         a costchom.                                            keep on sliping.

CHALLINGS                     QUESTIONS                 HIGHLIGHTS
What was challing          What are some of        WHAT did i like about it
for the pordakshin          the questions I
                                      still have ?                     i liked the dance when
learing the dance                                             everyone chered at the end
and learing the walk 
bacause i wasent                          LINKS
in time                                     What would i like to do in my every day life

                                                      I think i can do more art more offten

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

wearable arts

this was hard to make but i got there in the end, i used cardbord,paper, wool,clip on earing,straws,a mask,feathers and elastic.

home work Te Reo

marion an I made snap in te reo with the body parts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

mystery story

WO,WO,WO! As more police came. “What’s wrong”, says Nila anxiously. “Someone took the crystal necklace”, said lily. “How”, “ they dug a underground hole and smashed the glass and vanished”. “Did they leave any clues” “I don’t know”. So they went inside, they brought scruff the dog in. “Woof”, scruff found a shovel and DNA. They use a DNA machine and it said “no name”. So they went to the hardware store and asked “who bout a shovel yesterday “, says Nila “ ah, no one “ ,says the man at the deck strangely. He was asking strange things, so he was a suspect. They asked him some questions that are hard to lie about. They asked him where he was last night, he said out and a about ,they asked what he was doing, and he was digging holes, and that was very suspectious. They checked his bag. “Ah ha, you took the necklace “. So they put the necklace back where it should be “ Mystery Solved

Success Criteria:
Make the story exciting - by adding juicy, descriptive words,
Plan - use a variety of planning tools, like mind maps and story mountains etc
Plot - you need to know what's happening next
Clues to make it a mystery
Problem - to be solved
Beginning - draw the reader in by setting the scene - crime scene
make sure it's in the right order,
Characters - investigators, culprit, (the person who committed the crime), suspects (people you may question about the crime that may have been involved)
need to be ordinary people
solve the mystery