Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Reading

WALT create by making a parody about a story we are reading.

This is my reading plan/lyrics so fare the song is swagger jagger

Monday, May 4, 2015

our cafe

Our cafe Te kauta
Last year, our whanau class ran a cafe in the school hall.
Every day, school children, their families,  the  hungry school teachers came for lunch. they sold main meals at
the cafe. Everything was for less then $2.00 a saving.
They called cafe Te kauta (the cooking shed).The older kids
 and the younger kids helped in different ways,
and everyone had lots to do! 
They ran Te kauta for only a week, to get everything ready. 
They had lots to learn first so they keeped on trying.
At last, they were ready to open the cafe. Te kauta looked beautiful. We had candles, 


What are the differences between the seeds? The dry seed is bumpy and the wet seed is smooth.
What do you think caused the differences? Because the water does a lot of things to staff.

The process of soaking the seeds was the first step in the germination of a seed. A seed starts to germinate by sending roots down into the soil and a shoot up towards the sunlight.