Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A grin from air to air

capacity maths

It took 12 small boils to fill this whole milk bottle up with water. It was not easy but I finished it.
Capacity is when you see how much it take to fill something up.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


The spoon - 5 ml
Little container - 1 L
Midden container - 1 L
Lunch box - 4 1/2
Large container - 4 1/2
X L lunch box - 6 cups

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

thinking outside the box


FEELINGS              FACTS                        SKILLS                  GOALS             
How did I              What have I                 What have I          What do I need 
feel about            leamed about             leamed to DO?       to work on?
my learing             the topic?                                                   what do i need
                               what do                      I am better at            to imorove
                              you know                        the dance
I think my                                                     then before         I think I need to
wearabul art           I just found                      I started.          worked more        
was hard to            out that your                                          on my goat legs 
make so I                 art is not                                                  because they                                  
was frustrated.         a costchom.                                            keep on sliping.

CHALLINGS                     QUESTIONS                 HIGHLIGHTS
What was challing          What are some of        WHAT did i like about it
for the pordakshin          the questions I
                                      still have ?                     i liked the dance when
learing the dance                                             everyone chered at the end
and learing the walk 
bacause i wasent                          LINKS
in time                                     What would i like to do in my every day life

                                                      I think i can do more art more offten

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

wearable arts

this was hard to make but i got there in the end, i used cardbord,paper, wool,clip on earing,straws,a mask,feathers and elastic.

home work Te Reo

marion an I made snap in te reo with the body parts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

mystery story

WO,WO,WO! As more police came. “What’s wrong”, says Nila anxiously. “Someone took the crystal necklace”, said lily. “How”, “ they dug a underground hole and smashed the glass and vanished”. “Did they leave any clues” “I don’t know”. So they went inside, they brought scruff the dog in. “Woof”, scruff found a shovel and DNA. They use a DNA machine and it said “no name”. So they went to the hardware store and asked “who bout a shovel yesterday “, says Nila “ ah, no one “ ,says the man at the deck strangely. He was asking strange things, so he was a suspect. They asked him some questions that are hard to lie about. They asked him where he was last night, he said out and a about ,they asked what he was doing, and he was digging holes, and that was very suspectious. They checked his bag. “Ah ha, you took the necklace “. So they put the necklace back where it should be “ Mystery Solved

Success Criteria:
Make the story exciting - by adding juicy, descriptive words,
Plan - use a variety of planning tools, like mind maps and story mountains etc
Plot - you need to know what's happening next
Clues to make it a mystery
Problem - to be solved
Beginning - draw the reader in by setting the scene - crime scene
make sure it's in the right order,
Characters - investigators, culprit, (the person who committed the crime), suspects (people you may question about the crime that may have been involved)
need to be ordinary people
solve the mystery

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Myth or legend Writing

WALT retell a Myth / legend from a country we are researching.

Myth or legend Writing

In a country called Morocco there lived a mythical woman called Aisha Kandisha. She is half goat, half beautiful woman and she has wings of a bat. She lives in the fields and marshes, she has powers of a god, and she bewitches men. She is a hero to her country but a villain to other countries because France tried to invade Morocco, but that didn't happen because Aisha kandisha looked into there eyes and controlled them, when they turned around, she killed them. More people began to arrive and they were stronger. So she tried harder soon they were all gone. Then Morocco celebrated her as she set off back to the fields and marshes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I liked going to Wellington


WALT: write a recount about an idea we had in our writers notebook.

Going To Wellington

I did a lot of things in the holidays. But there was one place that I loved the MOST it was Wellington. I was with my sisters, Mum and Dad. We were bored but in the distance I saw my friends Henro, Naney and Auntie was there to were running towards us. So we all went and gave them a big hug. Then we went inside theie house. When I went inside I saw Naco. I asked him " Why are you here early ?" And he said " because I came home yesterday ". Then we all ran around outside playing. We also played with their dog. After those games we played a game called powers. Its where you have 1 power and then you go hide. Then you try to find them. When you find someone you zap them with your power. Then they have to stay where they are for 30 seconds.If you had ice powers they would be frozen for 30 seconds. After playing powers we watched 3 movies. We also  had tea at their house. But after that we had to go back home. I was upseat but I knew we were coming back next week.

Success Criteria - Co constructed

we need our plan beside us to look at our ideas
make sure it's true and it makes sense
put it in the right order
use descriptive words - e.g. enormous, giant, speechless, flabbergasted etc
proof reading ask someone else to read it
use a dictionary / thesaurus - make your writing more interesting to draw the reader in
use punctuation
use the highlighter strategy - gold for goal and pink for think

Thursday, July 2, 2015

nga kai assessment.

Nga kai assessment
be prepared to justify your choice!

Understand and use some familiar food vocabulary
For example:
rīwai (potato), kūmara (sweet potato), tote (salt), mahi kai (to make/prepare food), inu (to drink), parai (to fry), pai (good), reka (delicious), maoa (cooked)
I can recognise and use some words about food.
Copy and paste the best target that represents you!
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.05.41 pm.png

Use the correct form when giving or receiving food
For example:
Homai te pata. (Pass the butter.) Homai koa te pata. (Please pass the butter.) Hoatu te parāoa ki a Mere. (Give the bread to Mary.) Hoatu te keke ki a Wīremu. (Give the cake to William.) Whakahokia te pata ki te pouaka mātao. (Return the butter to the fridge.) Anei te parāoa. (Here’s the bread.)

I can ask for something to be passed using “homai”.

I can use the word “anei” when I pass something.

I can tell someone to put something back.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.05.41 pm.png
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.05.41 pm.png

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png

Understand and use some simple phrases to offer food
For example:
He tōhi? (Some toast?) He tōhi māhau/māu? (Some toast for you?) He inu tiakarete, he miraka rānei? (Some drinking chocolate or some milk?)

I can offer food to someone.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png
Ask a question about where an item of food is
For example:
Kei hea te miraka? Where is the milk?

I can understand the question starter “kei hea”/ ‘Kei whea” meaning “where”.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png
Ask and answer questions about food and drink choices
For example:
He aha tō pīrangi/hiahia? (What would you like?) He miraka. (Some milk.) He miraka māku. (Some milk for me)

I can ask what food/drink someone would like.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png
Ask and answer questions about food likes and dislikes, giving reasons why
For example:
He pai ki a koe ngā āporo? (Do you like apples?) Āe, he pai ki ahau ngā āporo. (Yes, I like apples.) Kāo, kāore i te pai ki ahau ngā āporo. (No, I don’t like apples.) He pai ki ahau ngā āporo, nō te mea he reka. (I like apples because they are sweet.) Kāore i te pai ki ahau ngā remana, nō te mea he kawa. (I don’t like lemons because they are sour). He aha tō tino kai? (What’s your favourite food?) He mīti taku tino kai. (Meat is my favourite food.)    

I can ask a simple question about what someone likes.               

I can answer a simple question about what I like.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png
Describe the location of food
For example:
kei runga i te tēpu (on the table), kei roto i te kāpata (in the cupboard ), kei raro i te pereti (under the plate)

I can use the right words to describe the location of food.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.06.05 pm.png

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Slow down reading

W.A.L.T: constructing a model

catch me if you can

Catch me if you can - Assessment Term 2 2015
Developing Defensive Skills
Success Criteria: we will know we are success when we...
can use quick fast feet

can remain close to the player we are defending
can tip the ball
 Catch me if you can - Assessment Term 2 2015
Developing Defensive Skills
Success Criteria: we will know we are success when we...
can use quick fast feet

can remain close to the player we are defending
can tip the ball
can go forward to intercept the pass

can go forward to intercept the pass

Your Comment: there is a lot I need to work on but i'm nearly there.

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