Thursday, September 18, 2014



WALT:  gather information

Description: Kerri (cooking)- Every Wednesday we have been learning about the inquiry process while cooking different dishes from around the world. We have thought about and chosen a question that we are interested in. This is to help us find out and understand more about food and cultures from around the world. Then we started researching, gathering information, and moved through the ‘Get it, Sort it, Use it’ inquiry model.


1. What are you most proud of? how I use things.

2. What did you find challenging? having diefferent idaes.

3.  My next ‘Get It’ goal is? think how to do it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Catch me if you can

Catch Me If You Can

This term we have been learning to get free for a pass. We have practiced a dodge, a change of pass and using a change of direction to get away from a defender so we are free for a pass.

Task: Create a video to demonstrate your learning
Success Criteria:
· Use a good filming technique
· Think about your pass
· Name the move you are doing
· Clearly show the move
· Show a variety of moves

2 Stars and a wish

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


AAAAARRRR, I HATE clowns, I’m scared of clowns, they freak me out, but not some scary clowns they fine,” I say with frit to my Mum and Dad after I woke up from a nightmare. “At first I’m scared of scary clowns but then I get used to them.” I say to my Mum and Dad.
I’ve never liked Ronald McDonald . I usually think that clowns are . . . MURDERERS . I have nightmares about clowns, so I HATE clowns but not scary clowns. I’ve never liked their makeup, their smile their wigs, their pale skin, their big shoes and their clothes. I’ve never liked their everything.P.S. don’t trust clowns!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reading Kahoot

Reading Blog post

We have been practising using the ‘Get it, Sort it, Use it’ inquiry method in our reading. You have all done a lot of reading about the commonwealth games as your get it.
Now it is time to sort it and use it. As part of your get it sort it you have used the before and after web and a KWL chart. To complete the sort it you need to think of 3 or 4 questions (and the answers) that are interesting to you.
Now it is use it time… you need to create a kahoot ( using your questions and answers from the sort it.

Task: use the ‘get it, sort it, use it’ model of inquiry to find out about the commonwealth games and share what we have learned.

WALT: use our prior knowledge to help us understand what we read.  (Get it)
WALT: Summarise what we read to help us understand what we read.   (Get it and Sort it)
WALT: use what we have learned from our reading. (Use it)

Success Criteria

10 questions

Only one correct answer per question
ü Clear questions (not ambiguous)
ü Image matches the question 
(username: Adventure92014, password: adventure92014)

Reflection Questions

I followed the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process by…

My next step when I use the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process is…

The fun part of the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process was…

Hayley, you used your reading skills and strategies to find information to use in your kahoot. As a group we sorted the information into questions (and answers) and then to create a kahoot for the class try out. I enjoyed working with your group and watching your questioning skills develop. It was tricky to make sure there was only one answer to the questions!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Maths Sample

The blue question is the easiest and the green question is the most difficult.

Task:        Choose at least 2 questions to answer and record the questions, thinking and answers on your blog. Your thinking may be in the form of photos (from your maths book or using equipment or a whiteboard), an educreations or show me clip.

Success Criteria:
o   Question, thinking and answer recorded
o   Clear thinking
o   Use what you know to help
o   Correct answer (buddy check)


You have 20 jellybeans to place on a cake.
Each ¼ of the cake should have the same number of jellybeans on it.
How many jellybeans go on each ¼?

Alex and his friends ate 12 slices of pizza.
Each slice is ¼ of a pizza.
How many pizzas do they eat altogether?

There are 20 lollies on a birthday cake.
If you eat 2/5 of the cake, how many lollies do you eat?

There are 30 children who go to a country school. 3/5 of them travel to school by bus.
How many children is that?

Reflection ECG
Thinking back over your fraction learning…

How do you feel about your learning or what you have learned?
i felt like i know thoes 
What do you know and/or understand?
i knnw that
What could you do now to further your learning?

my mini