Tuesday, August 26, 2014


AAAAARRRR, I HATE clowns, I’m scared of clowns, they freak me out, but not some scary clowns they fine,” I say with fright to my Mum and Dad after I woke up from a nightmare. “At first I’m scared of scary clowns but then I get used to them.” I say to my Mum and Dad.
I’ve never liked Ronald McDonald . I usually think that clowns are . . . MURDERERS . I have nightmares about clowns, so I HATE clowns but not scary clowns. I’ve never liked their makeup, their smile their wigs, their pale skin, their big shoes and their clothes. I’ve never liked their everything.P.S. don’t trust clowns!
WALT: edit and publish our writing

Success Criteria
  • Use a font and colour that can be easily read onliy black
  • Must make sense nice and easily to read
  • Correct spelling correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation nice so others can read it
  • Change at least 3 words to add impact for the reader yes

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My goal fish

I have some goals to do so my class as some goal fish for our goals

hears my goal fish