Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sharing my story

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Sharing our Stories

We have been creating a variety of art pieces this term. These pieces are all about ourselves and sharing our stories. We have used different media like collage, watercolour, crayon and clay to create our art. We are beginning to make choices as artists. Each piece of art shares a little about us.

WALT: share our stories and ideas through art.
WALT: explore a variety of media and make choices about
how we want our finished piece to look

Success criteria: * our message is clear
* our art represents us
* we have tried different media
* we choose the media to create the
effect we want

I Think
My Buddy Thinks
my message is clear
not all the time’s
all the time
my art represents me
all the time
I have tried different media
I have
hayley has
I choose media to create the effect I wanted
all the time
my favourite media is… because
any because they are all so beautiful
all of them

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


... WALT: Ask questions while we read to make sure we understand what we read.  

. Most challenging was: thinking of questions before I read.
. next step is to: keep practising the words so I can read faster more fluently (my reading sounds like talking) 
. I learned to: ask questions before I read and as I read  so I can undertsand the meaning better.



Term One Value

Kotahitanga (Unity/Togetherness)

Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways in which we think and act. In fact everything we do reflects our values!

WALT: Show kotahitanga with our little buddies from Busy


Task: Create a poster showing kotahitanga

Success Criteria:

  • Include a clear Image
  • Include our name and our buddies name
  • Show and explain kotahitanga (working together)
  • Our poster makes sense

How am I going showing?
I think
My buddy thinks
i am good, but not all the times
all the time
i’m good at it - we share stuff in the class so everyone is happy
Hayley is really good at sharrng
I’m great - because I like helping and I think it is fun working in a team because it gives you more ideas
Hayley works really hard at team work and shares alot with people
Looking out for each other
awesome - because I have a lot of friends and we all look out for each other
Hayley runs to help someone when they are hurt Hayley helps them and get them an ice pack

* Yellow Hat
What of the above attributes above do you feel is strongest for you?
Looking out for each other because I can look out for all my friends and my buddy. Even when I am not playing with someone they are still my friend and I’ll look out for them.
* Black Hat
What of the following attributes do you feel you need to improve on?
I need to get better at sharing - sometimes I say “I got that first” and it is hard because I still want it.
* Red Hat              
How do I feel about kotahitanga?
its the best so mostly everyone can be happy

Hayley, you are a great class member who displays kotahitanga in all that you do. You do look out for you friends and your buddy and you are very helpful. You have very honestly reflected on what is hard for you, it is tricky when you have got something first and then somebody needs it. 
You have a great understanding of kotahitanga and how we all work together as a team.

Learning to Learn

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WALT: Learning to Learn

Success Criteria:
  • know what I am learning to do
  • I know what I need to to to get better
  • I plan activities that are going to help my learning
  • I follow my plan
  • use my learning time wisely (complete my activities on time)
We are on the path to becoming self directed learners in Adventure 9. This means we are beginning to make choices that help us grow as learners. We know what we are learning and what we need to do to get better.

We plan our week choosing activities that are going to help us reach our goals. We plan all the must do’s and then add the can do’s.


I think
My Buddy thinks
I know what I am learning
most time i do
hayley is really good at knowing what she is learning
I know what I need to do to get better
i need to do maintenance
she needs to know what she is learning
I plan activities that are going to help my learning
i only do it a bit
hayley helps her learning by planning good activities
I follow my plan

i do but sometimes i don’t        
hayley always follows her plan but not alwas
I use my learning time wisely
i use my time wisely every day
hayley is really good at useing her time wisely

Hayley, you plan your learning time including most of the must dos and some can dos. You follow you plan an use your time wisely.
Your next step is to make sure you plan all the must dos first and maybe plan in some extra time to complete them if you think they will take longer, remember to follow your plan.